Products designed by us ensures galvanized articles meet the required amount of coating on both, outer and inner surface and provide a smooth and uniform coating along the periphery thus protecting the pipe/tube over the entire surface.

Our product range broadly constitute of the following products:

Degreasing Agents: Our acidic degreasants formulated with our long and careful observation of pipe degreasing, have proven to be extremely effective. The cleaning action of our degreasant effectively removes oil of not just the outer surface but also the inner surface where much unwanted oil and grease accumulates.

Inhibitors: Our inhibitors not only prevent attack of acid on virgin metal but are also designed to suppress much of the acid fumes, this helps in maintaining a better working environment. The specially formulated anti-vapour agents are designed to reduce acid mist formation from the pickling tanks.

Fluxes: Our range of fluxes is designed to provide holistic flux treatment which is essential for uniformly activating the inner and outer peripheries. Specially formulated additives ensure good surface wettability while reducing ash and dross formation and decreasing zinc spatter.

Passivation: Our chrome based and non-chrome based passivation products provide excellent solutions to resist white rust on both the outer and inner surface of pipes effectively shielding them from corrosion.

Shreetech International caters to the entire line of Hot Dip Galvanizing through quality chemicals tailor-made for each stage of the pre- and post-galvanizing process. Our R&D department strives to provide the best products and ensure constant enhancement and innovation in a quest to achieve optimum results.

Our product range broadly constitute of the following products:

Degreasing Agents: Our product offerings include both acidic and alkaline degreasants directed at removing strong adherent grease, oil, dirt and similar fats. To ensure complete cleaning, we formulate our degreasing products depending on the level of contaminants present on the articles prior to galvanizing.

Inhibitors: In order to maintain a healthy working environment in galvanizing plants, we supply acid inhibitors cum anti-vapour compounds which help suppress strong acid fumes and prevent over-pickling of steel thus avoiding metal loss.

Fluxes: Our variety of fluxes help prepare the steel surface for galvanizing by removing remnant oxides before galvanizing. The wetting agents along with the proprietary additives will enhance the surface properties during galvanizing thus giving a brighter and superior finish to the final product.

Passivation: Taking into account the problems of white rust that is so prevalent in the industry, we have developed products based on chrome and non-chrome agents.

Other products: We also supply flux treatment chemicals, metal additives for ash reduction, acid & water treatment compounds.

Our range of specially formulated products for the delicate process of wire galvanizing are as follows:

Degreasing Agents: Our alkaline degreasants, both electrolytic and non-electrolytic, have been formulated to most effectively remove oil from the small concentrated surface area of wires.

Inhibitors: Designed to include penetrants and other additives which inhibit the attack on the virgin metal while maintaining a clean working environment, provides a smooth pickling finish along the entire length of wires.

Fluxes: Our fluxes prepare the wires for good adhesion during the process of galvanizing and act on the wire surface uniformly.

Heat Retention Chemicals: This environment friendly product prevents escape of heat from the bath and thus reduces energy costs significantly. This ensures much savings in the wire galvanizing plant while maintaining the temperature of the bath.

Wiping Compounds: We have developed a special wiping compound to remove excess zinc from the wires and prevent loss of valuable zinc. The excess zinc is then redirected back into the zinc bath.

Passivation Chemicals: Our specially designed passivation chemicals are extremely effective in preventing the formation of white rust on galvanized wires.

The comprehensive field of continuous galvanizing is one that requires constant innovation and development. Keeping in mind the distinctive needs of both the flux and non-oxidation lines, we have carefully formulated a wide range of products.

Degreasing Agents: With excellent wetting agents, penetrants and additives, our neutral and alkaline degreasing products are amongst the best in the world. Owing to their environmentally friendly nature, our neutral degreaser require minimum treatment before disposal. Our alkaline degreaser has proved useful for heavy duty cleaning and have yielded favourable results in removing adherent oil.

Inhibitors: In order to prevent loss of metal, we have developed inhibitors that provide a uniform and smooth pickled surface and inhibit any excess acid attack on the virgin metal. These inhibitors are perfectly compatible with acid regeneration plants.

Fluxes: We supply both liquid and powder fluxhaving excellent surface activating properties, preparing the sheets for the desired coating thickness for galvanizing. The dry and wet fluxes are formulated with additives to give a smooth and bright finish to the steel.

Passivation Chemicals: For the continuous flux line, we have both chrome based and non-chrome based passivation products that can be used in the online process. These products have excellent white rust prevention properties and prevent the galvanized coils from aberrations caused during transportation.

We have diversified our product offering into various metal treatment industries. With utility in mind, we offer some unique products for the following industry segments:

Pipe manufacturing / Ship building: Polycoat STI is an adherent fast drying coating which is used before painting and colour coating of pipes. The coating cannot be removed by physical destruction and thus protects the metal from corrosion and surface damage. This conversion coating finds great utility in protecting surfaces that are constantly exposed to corrosive environments, hence is used in the ship building industry.

Radiator Industry: Our unique flux formulations for the copper and brass radiator industries have been specially formulated to provide a better and brighter finish to the surface of non-ferrous metals in a relatively shorter time.

Galvalume Lines: For the Galvalume segment we have developed highly effective degreasing and anti-finger chemicals. Our degreaser is very effective in removing oil and dirt from the surface while maintaining a spotless finish on the sheets. The quick-drying anti-finger compound provides a fingerprint preventive coating while enhancing the finish of the sheet.